Our Lines Are Down – A New Year’s Eve Call for Help

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January 18, 2018
RAVEN Automation Distributor Helps Recover from Shutdown

It’s the call that no one wants to make or receive during the holidays- and despite our greatest efforts, still comes every year. Rest assured that when you are the one making that dreaded call during an inopportune time, RAVEN will have your back.  This past holiday season, we got the distressed call from one of our customers on December 30th at 11:00pm. A generator in our customer’s power house was down leaving 25% of the South Carolina manufacturing facility with no electricity.  They had no spare pump motor on-hand to get it back up and running and local resources were either not responsive or did not have the part in stock. The shutdown was costing them thousands of dollars per hour.

The call came in at 11:00pm that Saturday night and by 11:30pm a RAVEN team member was on the road for the twelve-hour drive with the needed pump motor. Driving through the night with a 3am stop for a few hours of sleep, he arrived at the customer’s site at 2:00pm on New Year’s Eve. By 4:00pm, our very appreciative customer had full power restored to the plant and all lines were back up and running to ring in the 2018 New Year on a positive note!

We have strong relationships with our customers.  They know they can count on us in a bind. We were glad we were able to bail them out of a costly unexpected situation.  Of course, the ice storm encountered on the New Year’s Day trip back was not so fun – a 12-hour drive turned into a treacherous 16-hour trip home! Nonetheless, it’s all good… another happy customer!

The strategy that saved the day was RAVEN’s commitment to stocking a large inventory. This inventory is much larger than that of our competitors and includes expensive, critical components that most distributors do not want to tie up funds to have sitting on a shelf. We have earned very loyal customers through our on-hand inventory strategy and willingness to respond beyond typical business hours.

This is not the first time one of our RAVEN team members has come to a customer’s rescue. Christmas Eve, Easter and the Fourth of July are among the other holidays when we have answered the call. If you need a supplier to have your back, look no further. We don’t just say it, we do it!