RAVEN Employees Attend Siemens SCADA and MindSphere Events

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February 27, 2018

Employees from RAVEN recently attended two Siemens events on manufacturing digitalization and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

RAVEN’s Sales Manager attended the Siemens MindSphere IIoT workshop in St. Louis, Missouri, where the group discussed the effect digitalization has had on information and content, and the opportunities it creates for manufacturers.  MindSphere is a cloud-based open IoT operating system that supports custom-designed apps for manufacturers to harness and understand the data collected from production equipment and smart devices.

The workshop was hosted by Urban Chestnut Brewery, which has one of the first installations of the Siemens 1500 PLC using the new process batching application.  The hands-on training allowed attendees to learn the operation and benefits of the 1500 PLC process batching operation, which replaces the SIMATIC PCS7-based discrete software used in the past.

“There has been a great amount of interest in Siemens’ new method for process batching, especially with customers who are brewing,” said RAVEN’s Sales Manager.  “We have created a lunch-and-learn curriculum for this new technology, and we are now scheduling dates to visit potential customers.”

Padraic Stapleton, Application Engineer at RAVEN, successfully completed the Siemens WinCC V7.x Partner Certification in St. Louis, Missouri.  Siemens WinCC SCADA systems are leading the digital manufacturing revolution by allowing manufacturers to implement hardware and software systems to collect IIoT data from their manufacturing equipment.  Topics covered in the four-day class were WinCC configuration procedure, development process, open-architecture opportunities, and hands-on training.

The WinCC V7.x technology is especially applicable in batch control systems such as in the food & beverage industry.  WinCC is an easy upgrade/replacement for Wonderware technology, and is a more cost effective and flexible platform than Wonderware.

Contact RAVEN’s experts to discuss how we can use our Siemens knowledge and experience to help you meet your production goals.